10th. International Implantology Conference
25 – 27 April 2017
10th. International Dental Exhibition
Dusit Thani Lakeview Hotel- New Cairo- Egypt

  Welcome to 10th. International Implantology Conference,Implant innovations : 25-27 April 2017




10th. International Implantology Conference

22-27 April 2017

Dusit Thani Lake View Hotel, Cairo – Egypt

World renowned Speakers

The 2017 ESSDI international implant conference offers a comprehensive educational program of innovative techniques and procedures for the entire implant team, presented by an internationally renowned faculty of leaders in implant dentistry.

You'll also experience an exhibition of the most technologically advanced products and services available in the field, and the opportunity to network with colleagues from around the country.
1- Pravej Serichetaphongse
Restoration of Single Tooth Defects in the Esthetic Zone with Dental Implants
2- Robert  F. Faulkner USA
Occlusion and Dental Implants:  What are the Principles for Success?

3- John Beumer III USA
Restoration of posterior quadrants:  Patient selection, and treatment planning

4- Alessandro Pozzi (Italy)

5- Antonio Coppel Spain

All.on four procedures with and without guided surgery.

6- Ates Parlar Turkey
1. Immediate implantation, immediate restoration: variations and modalities, experience with Legacy3 and Interactive implants.
2. Peri-implantitis: A to Z. Scientific evidence and clinical approach.

7- Prof. Gurcan  Eskitascioglu  Turkey
1- Importance of Multi-Diciplinary Perspective in Implantolgy
2-  CAI & CAD/CAM in Implantolgy

8- Dr. Jabbar Hassanov Azrabijan.

9- Mine Dunder Turkey

"The new era in occlusion: Digital articulation"

10- Prof. Muharrem Erhan Comlekoglu Turkey

"Clinical protocols in anterior implantology: Digital vs Conventional" 

11- Cem Yaldiz Turkey

12- Nabil Barakat Lebanon

13- Nadim Aboujoude Lebanon

14- Sudarat Kiat-amnuay, USA

Prosthodontics-Driven Implant Rehabilitation: Planning and Restoring from 1-21 implants.

15- Monish Bhola USA

16- Armin Nedjat Germany 
1) MIMI- Flapless in Surgery and Prosthetics, also in thinner bone with Titanium and Zirconium implants, duration: 1 hour
2) Immediate Implantations with the Smart Grinder (augmentation with extracted and grinded teeth) , duration 45 min 

17- Emenulele Campagna Switzerland.

1.       Soft tissue management with the aid of hyaluronic acid.

2.       Modern resorbable membranes in oral implantology and an outlook on future developments & trends.

18- Peter Moy USA

15- Hussein El Charkawi Egypt

20- Abdel Salam El Askary Egypt

21- Khaled Abdel Gaffar  Egypt

22- Emanule Campagna (Switzerland)


and Many more!!

- Top notch International speakers who will cover all aspects of Implant Dentistry and related sciences.
- Workshops and certified Hands-on training programs.
- Best research Award competition.



-    Life surgeries training courseجراحة على مرضى للمتدربين                       

1)    "All on Four" Procedures With And Without Guided Surgery.

Prof. Antonio Coppel (Spain) and George Cabanas (Digital Dental Smile). One day course life on patients, 24th. April 2017

2)     “Recent Advances In Implant Site Development”

Prof. Ahmed Barakat and Prof. Hussein El Charkawi (Egypt) will be on 24 and 25 April 2017. In this 2-days condensed pre-congress course, trainees will conduct life surgery on patients and insert implants under supervision from international professors. For limited number only

3)    "Sinus Lift Course and Implant Placement".

4)    "Implant Placement at the Time of Extraction, Strategies and Principles for Success".


Workshop each 10 credit hours
On 25, 26 and 27 April 2017

-  "Botox and dermal filler and Facial aesthetics".
 Prof. Ahmed El Sharkawy. (10 credit 1500 L.E.)

- "Laser in Implant Dentistry" One day course by Prof. Ramy Maher   (10 credit hours)
1500 L.E.

                        AND MANY MORE!

See workshops

For registration contact Prof. Hussein El Charkawi at:

helcharkawi@gmail.com or at: 01222150439

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